Root Vegetables

Growing instructions

Parsnips- Sow seeds in March and April, 13mm deep in rows 30cm apart. The roots are ready to harvest in late summer and autumn when the foliage has begun to die down.

Carrots- Sow seeds in April to July, 1 cm deep in rows 30 cm apart. Carrots are ready for harvesting about 12-16 weeks after sowing.

Skirret can be difficult to grow from seed and it is even more difficult to find the seed to grow!

If you can, take cuttings from an existing plant. In March or April plant the cuttings 30 cm apart in a sunny position in moist light soil. Over the summer the plants will grow over a metre high. Ensure they are well watered. Harvest in the autumn and keep back some of the roots for next year’s planting.