The Cluniac Order


St Benedict

The Cluniac Order was a reforming offshoot of the Order of St Benedict founded in Italy in 529 AD. The first monastery was Cluny Abbey founded in 910 AD by William I, Count of Auvergne. The monks lived by the Rule of St Benedict. There were over 1000 dependent houses in Europe which were organised into 10 provinces: 1 Lyon; 2 France; 3 Provence, Tarentaise, Dauphiné, Vienne; 4 Poitou, Saintonge; 5 Auvergne; 6 Gascogne; 7 Germany, 8 Italy, 9 Spain, 10 England & Scotland.

Cluniac Houses in Britain

de Warenne

Over the mediaeval period there were 50 Cluniac foundations in UK.

At the Dissolution of the Monasteries there were 35 Cluniac houses in England and 3 in Scotland. Wikipedia page Cluniac priories in Britain provides more detail.

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Cluniac Houses on the Continent

Cluny Blazon

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Images of various sites in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain can be seen on the website of the Fédération Européenne des Sites Clunisiens.