The Herb Garden sits against the flint wall at the east (Convent Field) entrance to Lewes Priory Park. Catching the afternoon sun it is a place of quiet contemplation as well as a fine example of the types of plants to be found in a mediaeval monastic setting. 

Go to the 'What are we Growing?' section for an illustrated directory of the plants in the Herb Garden.  The directory includes common and botanical names for the plants, their traditional uses and the stories behind them.

The layout section has an attractive watercolour 'map' of the plants detailing the arrangement of the various beds, organised by function and use, for example for brewing, or treating particular ailments.

There are laminated guides available which you can use as you walk around the Herb Garden. You can also pick up a free leaflet on the Herb Garden from the Lewes Tourist Information Centre on the High Street, or Anne of Cleves House and the Barbican.

A short, fun, educational, animation about the use of medicine plants through the ages can be viewed here.



Summer bloom: Lavender and Lychnis