The Trust is very grateful to individuals and organisations that make gifts to Priory Park in the form of dedicated trees and seats.

Where possible the Trust tries to accommodate the wishes of those who want to plant a tree or install a seat in memory of a family member. There is limited scope for further memorials which should conform to the Memorial Policy. Enquiries should be made to [email protected].

Memorial Policy

Dedicated trees

Priory Orchard
A plaque in memory of Julian Fane 1927-2009 marks a generous gift of £750 towards the planting of the Apple Orchard which is described in the Priory Gardens  section.

Inner Wheel Tree
A plaque in front of a cherry south of the 2nd reredorter commemorates a gift from The Inner Wheel Club of Lewes in December 1994.

Edward Pelling Tree
A plaque in front of a Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris) commemorates Edward Pelling 1907-1993. The original tree was displaced by the 2010 Lottery Project.

David Godfrey Tree
A Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium) was planted in 2013 in memory of David Godfrey 1940-2012. Mrs Noreen Godfrey made a generous donation to the Trust.

Vadim Yastrzhembsky Tree
A Saltcote Pippin Apple was planted in 2014 in memory of Vadim Yastrzhembsky 1992-2012

Dedicated seats and benches

There are ten garden seats and five benches in Priory Park, some of which have been placed in memory of individuals and some which have been sponsored by generous donors. Three garden seats installed by Lewes District Council pre-date the 2010 Heritage Lottery Fund project works.  

Sylvia Robertson seat
Located between the east boundary wall of the site and the Apple Orchard, this seat commemorates Sylvia Lynette Robertson (1958-1993).

Roger Neeves seat
Located by the Prospect Tower this seat commemorates Roger V. J. Neeves (22 Nov 1915-18 Oct 2003).

Reg Yarrow seat
Formerly in the Herb Garden, this seat is located near the north boundary mid-way between the Prospect Tower and the Frater. It is dedicated to Reg Yarrow (1915-2000) past Mayor of Lewes and Trustee of Lewes Priory Trust.

Four new garden seats were installed during the Lottery project works. Three were bought with funds provided by donors. The Seymour seat was bought with Lottery funds and dedicated to Nick Seymour in 2012.

Hilary Black seat
Located in the Herb Garden and dedicated to the memory of the late Hilary Black who was a Town Councillor and a Trustee with a special interest in the Herb Garden. The seat was given by Lewes Town Council.

Round Table seats
Located on the north boundary, one at high level and one at low level, these two seats were given by Lewes and District Round Table.

Rotary Club seat
Located adjacent to the north boundary, this seat was given by the Rotary Club of Lewes Castle.

Nick Seymour seat
Located on the north boundary at high level, this seat commemorates Nick Seymour (1957-2012). The Seymour family generously gave £300 donation to the Trust.

Vadim Yastrzhembsky seat
Located on the raised area north of the herb garden, this seat commemorates Vadim Yastrzhembsky (1992-2012).

Arthur Tapp seat
Located near the north boundary fence close to the refectory, this seat commemorates Lewes resident Arthur Tapp (1933-2018). His family generously donated £250 to the Trust on top of the cost of the seat.


There are three benches located near interpretation panels. In addition there are two curved benches in front of the Prospect Tower which have been provided for school parties.