Priory Education Model

The layouts and working drawings were produced to 1: 500 scale, by Andy Gammon and Sy Morse-Brown. The model was made in beech wood, in Lewes, by Richard Keal and Owen Bosworth including a base board, all buildings and a carrying case for transportation to schools and colleges. The model shows the western half of the Priory complex only, where the great church and all of the other buildings were situated. The eastern half of the ground was mainly agricultural. This model is intended for demonstration and educational purposes, to explain the phases of the original construction of the priory during the medieval period as well as to generally give information about its historical context.

All the buildings are removable, being held in place with small magnets. This way students can disassemble the model and experience the building up again of the priory from scratch; thereby getting to understand more about the phases of construction for a medieval priory and about the general layout of this type of religious house.

The lid of the carrying case has a plan of the model with a key to the identification of each building and a brief explanation of the phases of construction, as a guide to students and supervisors alike.

Richard and Owen made two models at the same time. The second one, the same in every detail as the first, formed a master template from which a casting in polyester resin was made. This has been installed on the Priory site as a 'touch model' for visitors, in order for them to fully appreciate the extent of the priory complex.

The Model seen from the south orientation as it may have looked in approx 1500. The open ground is light green and the darker areas show water courses including the Cockshut Stream, an inlet leading to a quay by the toilet block, three large fish ponds and the mill pond. The light beige shapes painted on the base board are to denote other outhouses and stables.

The Model seen from the north west orientation shows more clearly the cloisters with the light green cloister garth showing among the buildings.

The Model seen from the south west orientation.

The model plan inside the carrying case lid, to help students and supervisors to identify each of the buildings. (If you zoom in on this photo you can easily read the key text for yourself.)