The King & his Noble Supporters

Henry III Plantagenet (1207-1272) succeeded his father King John in 1216 when a minor. His rule was increasingly unpopular due to unsuccessful foreign adventures and harsh taxation. Dissatisfaction among the nobility led to the Second Barons’ War.

Prince Edward (1239-1307) first son of Henry III subsequently Edward I (Longshanks) Hammer of the Scots.  Held hostage by Simon de Montfort after the Battle of Lewes, escaped and later defeated Simon at the Battle of Evesham.

Richard of Almain (1209-1272) was the second son of King John and brother of Henry III. He was Count of Poitou, 1st Earl of Cornwall and King of the Romans. At the Battle of Lewes he took refuge in a windmill before being captured.

Henry of Cornwall (1235-1271) was the second and eldest surviving son of Richard of Almain. He changed sides several times but by 1264 was a supporter of the royal faction. He was captured at the Battle of Lewes and held hostage. In 1268 he went on crusade with Lord Edward. In Viterbo he encountered Guy & Simon, the sons of Simon de Montfort, who murdered him in revenge for their father’s death at Evesham. His heart was brought back and interred in Westminster Abbey.

William de Valence, born Guillaume de Lusignan (late 1220s-1296). Half brother of Henry III and one of the hated foreign Lusignans. Fled to France after the Battle of Lewes but returned and took part in the Battle of Evesham. Died in Bayonne and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey (1231-1304), was the GGG Grandson of William the founder of Lewes Priory. Married to Alice de Brun de Lusignan he was a strong supporter of the king but switched to the Montfort faction only to return to Henry in 1263. Fled to France after the Battle of Lewes but returned and took part in the Battle of Evesham. He supported Edward I in his Welsh and Scottish campaigns. Buried in Lewes Priory.

Humphrey de Bohun (IV), 2nd Earl of Hereford, (d. 1275). Formerly a supporter of Montfort, he was captured at the Battle of Lewes. A Marcher Lord, he took part in Edward’s campaign in Wales.

Escutcheons of the Nobles