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Arthur Franklin

Design and photography: © Andy Gammon
£5.95 (£5.00 to trust members)

The Priory of St Pancras Lewes
Priory Park

by Arthur Franklin 2011
edited by Kate Hickmott and Anthony Freeman

Our beautifully illustrated 36-page guidebook provides a perfect overview of the monks, their lives and their extraordinary monastery, scholarly but readable and packed with pictures, plans and facts. 

Thanks to Malcolm Kitch, Helen Poole, Malcolm Lyne and Colin and Judith Brent for their help and support in compiling this guide book.

ISBN 10 0-9530839-2-6
ISBN 13 978-0-9530839-2-3 

Helen Poole

Cover design by David Edy
£4.95 (£4.00 to trust members)

Lewes Priory
The Site and its History

by Helen Poole 2000

ISBN 10 0-9530839-1-8
ISBN 13 978-0-9530839-1-6

A history putting the Priory of St Pancras into its context
locally, nationally and spiritually with illustrations from private collections and the photographic resources of the Sussex Archaeological Society.


Malcolm Lyne

Cover design by Andy Gammon
£7.50 (£7.00 to trust members)

Lewes Priory
Excavations by Richard Lewis 1969-82

by Malcom Lyne 1997

ISBN 10 0-9530839-0-X
ISBN 13 978-0-9530839-0-9

A detailed record of the findings of Richard Lewis who died before he could publish the results of his work.